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download  *Outdoor Survival Skills*   *Outdoor Survival Skills*

  In 50 minutes or less, discover what you need to know to keep your family and you safe during a disaster, or a turn gone wrong in the woods...

download  *101 Fly Fishing Tips*   *101 Fly Fishing Tips*

  If you want to drastically change your skill level in the least amount of time possible, "101 Fly Fishing Tips For Beginners" is your short cut to success.

download  *Grill Master: 101 Outdoor Cooking*   *Grill Master: 101 Outdoor Cooking*

  Grill Master: 101 Tips for Outdoor Cooking - The best cooks are made. They are not born. The same is true for those who cook by grill. Download this shortcut to your experience in an outdoor cooking adventure. Check out the many tips, tricks, and strategies for grilling out. And become a master of the grill in no time at all… even if you choose to implement only a small portion of the information!

download  *Bigger Bucks Episode 5*   *Bigger Bucks Episode 5*

  Bigger Bucks Episode 5 Food Plot Seeds, Soil Conditioning and Weed Control With Scott Rushe of AMPAC Seed - PDF Transcript

download  *Bigger Bucks Episode 4*   *Bigger Bucks Episode 4*

  Bigger Bucks Episode 4 Natural Habitats With David Spann of Land Management Services - PDF Transcript

download  *Bigger Bucks Episode 2*   *Bigger Bucks Episode 2*

  Bigger Bucks Episode 2 Charles Alsheimer on Quality Deer Management - PDF Transcript

download  *Bigger Bucks Episode 1*   *Bigger Bucks Episode 1*

  Bigger Bucks Episode 1 PostSeason Scouting for Pressured Whitetails - PDF Transcript

download  *Managing Your Woodlot*   *Managing Your Woodlot*

  An important part of maintaining high deer populations is providing the proper mix of food and cover, or "habitat." By learning about the basic habitat needs of deer, and through active habitat management, you can enhance your woodland for deer.

download  *White-Tailed Deer Management*   *White-Tailed Deer Management*

  This is a pdf file that will answer your basic questions about whitetail deer management.

It was published by the Alabama Cooperative Extension, but the principles can be applied no matter where you hunt.

download  *John Eberhart Audio Interview*   *John Eberhart Audio Interview*

  MP3 of a great phone interview with John Eberhart. John shares some of the secrets he's used to record 23 entries in the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan Record Book. He specializes in hunting pressured whitetails on public land and on private land by permission. Listen to how he bags the big ones even when surrounded by competition.

download  *Food Plot Maintenance Journal*   *Food Plot Maintenance Journal*

  Keep track of your food plot maintenance activites with this handy journal. Record data for each of your plots regarding general appearance, presence of weeds, mowing height and more.

download  *Fertility & Soil Treatment Journal*   *Fertility & Soil Treatment Journal*

  Use this form to record information related to your food plot fertility and soil treatments.

download  *Goal Sheet*   *Goal Sheet*

  This is a form you can use to set your goals. It can be used for deer management or hunting goals, or goals in any other area of life (physical, spiritual, financial, family, social, educational). It's a great tool to help you get focused and organized.

download  *Deer Observation Data Form*   *Deer Observation Data Form*

  This is a pdf file that you can use as a part of your herd monitoring program. This form gives you an orderly way to record information about deer observations, whether you're hunting, scouting, or anytime you see deer. These records can be used countless ways to improve your management and hunting efforts.

download  *Deer Harvest Data Form*   *Deer Harvest Data Form*

  This is a pdf file that you can use in your quality deer management program. You can record all the pertinent data for each deer harvested on your property with this handy form. This is vital information for any wildlife manager.

Your selection returned: 20 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 15 of 20 Found.    NEXT