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Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll find in your Trophy Nation members-only website, TrophyBuckSecrets.com:

1. and use them to see more deer and have closer shots.


to determine if you’re following a buck or a doe... how fresh they are... what they tell you about what the deer is doing… and where it's going.

deer hunters make and how to avoid them! You’ll never have to worry about taxidermy bills if you’re making these mistakes.


, and how this relates to the rut. Once you’re armed with this secret, you’ll always be in the woods at the right time… every time.


Do deer see color? Does hunter orange alarm them? How does this affect camouflage selection? Sight is one of a deer's top defenses and you're toast if you don't know how it works.


Demonstrations of when and how to properly use deer calls so that you can call with confidence. You’ll see more racks coming toward you and less white butts running away from you.


Practical and effective scent elimination techniques. You've got to take these measures if you want to overcome the whitetail's number one defense mechanism. Without this knowledge you might as well just be hiking in the woods, not hunting.


What quality deer management is all about and how you can implement your own plan starting now.


Custom tailor your food plots to the whitetails nutrition cycle for bigger, healthier deer with bigger racks.


Select the best types of plants for your food plots in order to provide variety and balance.


Don't waste your time and money
with food plots that don't grow anything except frustration. Maximize food plot production through these proper soil conditioning techniques.


You’ve found a bunch of rubs and scrapes… now what? What do they mean? When and how do you hunt them?


Food is king in the whitetail world. Identify and hunt preferred food sources and your success is all but guaranteed. How do you determine what the deer are eating and when? Find out now.


Everyone knows that deer like to eat corn, but how do you determine when, where and how deer are using standing cornfields? Should you hunt there? Find the answer here.


Identify the particular type of acorns that are like ice cream to deer, and the trees that drop them.


Deer love apples and you’ve found an apple tree. But have the deer found it? How can you tell if they are eating the apples? There's a very simple way to tell.


See heart-pounding trophy buck hunts!


And much, MUCH more.

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