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Home | Trophy Tips Archive | Permanent Tree Stands

Permanent Tree Stands

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Now that hunting season is just around the corner, many hunters are thinking about building permanent tree stands. Building a permanent tree stand is a hard job that leaves you sweaty and tired. That's what makes it such a great opportunity to bond with family and friends (you need the help).

You have many construction options when it comes to permanent elevated stands. You can build it with no legs entirely in a tree; attach it to a tree with two legs in the ground; or on four legs sunk into the ground. A good level platform is critical. If it's not level, nothing else seems to fit right.

Installing the shanty on the platform can be the most time consuming task. After many years of building tree stands, I've found that it's much easier to prepare the walls, doors and roof at home or in a garage.

You can work at your leisure in a comfortable environment with all of the necessary tools readily available. There's no comparison between the degree of craftsmanship possible under these circumstances and what you can expect while fumbling around in the woods… "Has anyone seen my hammer?" Everyone involved will appreciate that when it comes time to shanty the platform.

Now you can simply haul your prefab pieces to your stand site.
Pulling up the sides and roof one piece at a time is a breeze. Just attach the pieces to the platform as you pull them up.

Just a few things to keep in mind: A four by five foot shanty is the ideal size for one or two people. Don't forget top paint your stand so that it blends in with the surroundings. Customize it to suit your needs and budget with windows, heaters, sand bags, or whatever else will make your hunt more enjoyable.

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