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Trophy Tip of the Week

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Here are the Trophy Tips archives:

Early Season Food Source: Gobbler Oaks
Are you looking for a food source that drops its fruit really early in the year? A lot of guys now are planting Gobbler Oaks, or other t . . . more
Big Buck Spies
If you want to kill a good buck, then you've obviously got to know . . . more
New Antler Growth
May is a great time to be in the woods. The temperatures are getting milder. Things are starting to green up, and, of cours . . . more
Tree Stand Maintenance
Tree stands are very popular among deer hunters.  They get you up off the ground offering many advantages such as improved visibility, concealment, . . . more
Effective Food Plot Weed Control
When I was a young boy, one of my assigned chores was to weed the garden. My parents still laugh about my own unique weedin . . . more
Don't Overlook the Importance of Natural Habitats
(This week's tip comes straight from part of my interview with Habitat Specialist, David Spann. He . . . more
Bad Arrows
Proper arrow flight means everything to a bowhunter. You don't want to have that sickening feeling of watching the buck you've worked so hard to get a shot at high-tail it out of the area after your a . . . more
Flicking of a Tail
Stalking a whitetail deer is one of the greatest challenges any hunter can take on. It's you against the deer and he has home field advantage. That's what makes it such a rewarding experience when you . . . more
Small Problems That Can Lead to Big Problems With Expandable Broadheads
Expandable broadheads are very popular with a lot of bowhunters. The primary advantage of expandables, or mechanicals, is that they tend to fly more like your field points than fixed blade broadheads. . . . more
Hunting Apple Trees
Most geographical areas have a bumper crop of apples this year. You should go visit any apple trees you know of where you hunt. Deer also love to eat crab-apples, so remember to check them too. . . . more
Hunting Cornfield Edges
Corn is a preferred food source for deer all across the country. It's nutritious and it tastes good. We've all heard to hunt the food to find deer, but how do you pinpoint the best spot to set up alon . . . more
Permanent Tree Stands
Now that hunting season is just around the corner, many hunters are thinking about building permanent tree stands. Building a permanent tree stand is a hard job that leaves you sweaty and tired. That' . . . more
Rattling Antlers
One favorite tactic of many modern deer hunters is rattling antlers. There is a lot of friendly debate among hunters about when to pull the rattle bag out of their bag of hunting tricks and how to use . . . more
Deer Track Record
One of the best things you can do to improve your hunting skills is study whitetail tracks. Some hunters claim that they can distinguish between buck and doe tracks, but is this really true? Biologist . . . more
Aim Low?
Your Guidance Counselor might have never told you to aim low, but I will! I think all of us have painful memories of standing in disbelief as the buck we just shot at runs off unharmed. It's h . . . more
Thermal Advantage
Every good deer hunter constantly monitors the wind direction. You always want to keep the wind in your face so that your scent isn't carried downwind alerting deer of your presence. Besides j . . . more
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