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Home | Trophy Tips Archive | Hunting Apple Trees

Hunting Apple Trees

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Most geographical areas have a bumper crop of apples this year. You should go visit any apple trees you know of where you hunt. Deer also love to eat crab-apples, so remember to check them too.

If you find apples on the ground, then there are probably very few deer in the area. I wouldn't recommend spending much time hunting there.

If there are a lot of apples on the tree but none on the ground, then you know the deer are eating them. Look for a good spot about 15 -- 20 yards downwind from the apple tree to set up your stand.

You should avoid setting up in the apple tree itself. If a deer comes, it will probably be directly under you, and a straight down shot is far from ideal.

One more thing, don't forget to take the necessary scent elimination measures when you make your scouting trips into the field. You don't want to pollute your potential honey hole with your human scent.

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