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About Trophy Buck Secrets

My name is David Barrett. My partner, Dick Blauser, and I are the co-founders of Trophy Buck Secrets.


Like most hunters, I grew up in a family with a strong hunting tradition.


My entire extended family still gets together each year a couple days prior to the opening day of gun season for our own holiday, "Deerlerium". Sure, it's kind of goofy, and I know that nobody but fellow deer hunters could possibly 'get us', but that's okay.


Everybody has a great time celebrating all things deer hunting as we eat, talk, laugh, brag, joke and tease each other. This fun event is definitely one of the highlights of the entire year.


Anticipation always reaches its peak at this time, but too often anticipation turns to frustration with the arrival of opening day.


For years I would just shoot the first legal buck I saw even though I really wanted to shoot a nice, big buck. I knew that someone else would probably shoot that small buck if I decided to let him grow, and I knew the chances of seeing a trophy were slim.


I was frustrated with the lack of mature bucks in the area, and the lack of cooperation from my family and neighbors when I suggested that we change our approach.


Everyone talked about wanting to see more bucks and bigger bucks, but nobody did anything about it. We all kept doing the same thing and hoped for different results.


Everybody had their own reasons for not changing their ways. Most of the reasons were based on fear. I was afraid that somebody in the next hollow would shoot a small buck if I passed him up.


The neighboring farmers were afraid that the deer population would get out of control and devastate their crops.


Some were concerned that young hunters would lose interest if we instituted our own antler restrictions.


Others believed that shooting a doe was the unpardonable sin. Some feared that poachers would steal the results of their management efforts, so it was easier to do nothing.


All of these may have been valid concerns, but they could all be addressed through communication, cooperation, planning and tracking.


You see, just about everybody involved wanted the same thing- to see mature bucks. We just weren't sure how to do it, and we didn't want our fears to become reality.


I knew that I wanted to bring home a wall-hanger, but I didn't know how to make it happen. I hoped that I would just get lucky someday.


I read magazines and books, and watched tons of videos and hunting programs on TV. I was always skeptical about what they had to say because most of the time they were trying to sell me something, or they were hunting in a location totally different from where I live.


I was never impressed with the "canned hunts" that were featured so often, and I questioned how effective the strategies employed by the 'stars' would be under normal hunting conditions. I wanted to know how it was done in real life by real hunters who paid their own way.


Then I realized that one of my friends, Dick Blauser, was consistently tagging monsters, and he hunted the same basic area that I did. He was becoming something of a deer hunting celebrity.


Dick is now known as "Pennsylvania's Archery Deer Master", and for good reason. No one has been more successful at taking big bucks in PA than Dick, even before the state mandated antler restrictions.


This is no small feat considering the hunting pressure in PA, and the fact that most bucks don't live to see their second birthday. 


His skills aren't limited to archery only, though, as he has taken many deer with rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, and crossbow. He has harvested several record book bucks, including a 173" monster, all in his own back yard.


Word spread about his success and he has been featured on TV and in numerous hunting magazines, but none of this has changed Dick a bit. He's still a real hunter just like the rest of us.


He now serves as a staff member with some of the biggest names in the archery industry. Dick also has an extensive background in forestry and holds a degree in Conservation of Natural Resources. He is the authority when it comes to big bucks.


What were his secrets? I had to find out. He was willing to let me in on some of his tactics, and what a difference they made. In 2005 I shot the biggest buck anyone in my family has ever seen in our area!


(I've also added two other big 10 points to my wall besides that one...)


I'll never forget the look on my 7 year old son, Hunter's, face when he saw that deer. I can especially recall his expression when he saw how other people reacted to that buck. It was as if he felt, "Wow! This is a big deal. Dad's like a hero."


For years and years I dreamed about shooting a big buck, and I never even saw one, and now I've put three on the wall in just a few years!


What changed? Did I become a pro hunter on locations I could only dream of before? I wish.


Did I get more time to hunt? Hardly. I have a beautiful wife and four young children. Add in business and church commitments and I'm busier than ever.


Did I suddenly become extra "lucky"? Maybe once, but not three times.


Nope. I didn't become a pro, get more free time, or get lucky.


I found someone to help me figure it out. That's why Trophy Buck Secrets is help you figure it out.


I grew up in the woods and I've worked in my family logging and lumber business my entire life. We lost our business to a catastrophic fire in 2006 leaving me at a crossroads in my life.


I knew it was time to head in a new direction. So, after thinking about my son's excitement over that big buck, I decided to go for it. How great would it be share my passion and new found knowledge with other people!


I contacted Dick, my deer hunting expert friend, again. As it turned, he had just decided to take an early retirement offer and was looking for something to do.


At first, he was reluctant to share all of his knowledge with the public. These were closely guarded secrets that his family didn't share with just anyone.


After all, he learned them by spending a lifetime in the woods studying every detail about habitat, food sources, and animal behavior, but eventually he gave in, and Trophy Buck Secrets was born. Now, we're excited to be sharing our love for the outdoors and deer hunting with other hunters all over the country.

Trophy Buck Secrets is the ultimate brotherhood of big buck hunters. If you're like me, and you've always been passionate about big bucks and want to know exactly how kill bigger bucks, then Trophy Buck Secrets is the place for you.

Learn more about the benefits of joining the Trophy Nation at

Join now using our Secure Online Order Form and become the envy of all your hunting buddies!


Trophy Buck Secrets, LLC
PO Box 167
NuMine, PA 16244

Telephone 724-840-5427

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