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Home | Trophy Tips Archive | Big Buck Spies

Big Buck Spies

If you want to kill a good buck, then you've obviously got to know
where one lives and where he travels.
You already know this is easier said than done, but I've got a
tip for you that just might help you determine if there's a big
buck in an area or not without spending a lot of time at it.
Are you ready for it...? Employ "Big Buck Spies."
Who's a big buck spy? Really, it's simple.
Figure out who may be traveling through the area you're
interested in on a routine basis. People like school bus drivers,
gas well attendants and mail carriers all come to mind quickly.
Seek some of these people out and strike up a friendly
conversation with them. Once they learn that you are an avid deer
hunter they'll more than likely be anxious to tell you about the
big buck they've been seeing.
Try to find out details about when and where they've been seeing
him. Also try to figure out where he was coming from and where he
was headed to.
One word of caution about this. "A big buck is in the eye of the
beholder." What someone else considers to be huge may just be
average in your book.
So, it's always a good idea to try to get a look at the buck
yourself before you invest any time hunting him.
Who are some other potential big buck spies you can think of?

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