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Home | Trophy Tips Archive | Tree Stand Maintenance

Tree Stand Maintenance

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Tree stands are very popular among deer hunters.  They get you up
off the ground offering many advantages such as improved
visibility, concealment, and scent control.

It's kind of crazy to think that every year thousands of hunters
climb 20 feet or so in the air, and hang there on a platform that
they haven't really paid that much attention to. They are
literally taking their life into their hands.

A periodic tree stand safety check should be mandatory for every
hunter who uses one.  Maybe you leave your tree stands up all
year long, or maybe you take them down after archery season.
Either way, your stands need to be checked before you crawl back
into it next season.

Inspect all of the welds for stress cracks or broken welds. If
you do find any cracks, get them repaired by a qualified welder.
Sand any rusty areas and repaint them.
Look for worn cables or straps, and be sure all of the retainer
pins have safety clips in them. Keep up on any maintenance.
Don't be crazy. Check your tree stands. Remember, a faulty
tree stand could cost you your life.


Printer-Friendly Format