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Home | Trophy Tips Archive | Early Season Food Source: Gobbler Oa . . .

Early Season Food Source: Gobbler Oaks

Are you looking for a food source that drops its fruit really
early in the year?

A lot of guys now are planting Gobbler Oaks, or other things like
that. These trees are early season dropping oaks. They can grow
very quickly and produce acorns.

During the early part of the hunting season in the north, your
winds are typically going to be out of the southwest.

How about you locate and actually plant these types of foods
where it's more beneficial for you to hunt during a southwest

You're trying to match the time of the year to what the deer
wants to eat - to the food that drops - and then put it in your
property where it's best for you as a hunter.

It's almost reordering your whole property now to the point where
the food, the wind, and everything is lined up in the hunter's
favor, rather than the contrary, which is typical. 

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