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Home | Trophy Tips Archive | Flicking of a Tail

Flicking of a Tail

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Stalking a whitetail deer is one of the greatest challenges any hunter can take on. It's you against the deer and he has home field advantage. That's what makes it such a rewarding experience when you are successful. You must be completely in tune with your surroundings and be able to interpret the deer's body language in order to close the distance.

Here's a tip to help you read the situation and get closer to your prey. Try stalking a deer that is facing away from you. Keep a close eye on his head and his tail as you make your approach. When his head is down feeding, this is the time to move.

Be sure to make it a point to watch his tail as you carefully make your move. Here's what you're watching for. A calm deer will flick its tail right before picking up his head to look around ninety-nine percent of the time. It might flick its tail many times without picking up its head, but generally, it will always flick its tail before looking up.

You can move cautiously while his head and his tail are down, but be prepared to come to an immediate halt when you see that tail flicking.

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