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Home | Trophy Tips Archive | New Antler Growth

New Antler Growth

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May is a great time to be in the woods. The temperatures are
getting milder. Things are starting to green up, and, of course,
the morning stillness is shattered by thundering toms!
If you can pry your attention away from turkey hunting for a just
minute, you might notice that the vegetation isn't the only thing
starting to grow now.
Bucks are also starting to develop new antlers! This makes Spring
gobbler season a great time to do a little pre-season scouting
for big bucks since you're in the woods anyway.
What should you look for on top of a deer's head, and what does
it mean for this Fall?
If you see what appear to be ping pong, or golf ball, size bumps
on the head of a deer, it will probably just be an average size
buck. I know you're not after an average size rack, so...
If you see a deer with bumps the size of tennis balls, or larger,
yahoo! He should mature into a trophy size buck by autumn.
Be sure to remember where you see this buck, and do some more
intense scouting as the season rolls on. You might want to spend
some time hunting this area during deer season.

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