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Home | Trophy Tips Archive | Dont Overlook the Importance of Natu . . .

Don't Overlook the Importance of Natural Habitats

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(This week's tip comes straight from part of my interview with
Habitat Specialist, David Spann. He emphasizes "natural habitats"
with his clients.)

Quality deer management is more popular than ever, and I believe
that's a good thing. It's good for the deer and it's good for

One of the fundamental elements of any sound deer management
program is habitat management and nutrition. As a result, food
plots have exploded in recent years in order to provide optimum
nutrition for deer.

While food plots play a key role in your program, don't overlook
the importance of natural habitats in your overall plan. You
should promote mast producers such as white oak trees, and apple
trees to name a couple.

For example, if you are considering a timber harvest, make sure
to communicate your wildlife goals with the forester in charge of
operations. Let him know that you want to let more sunlight reach
the forest floor by opening up the canopy, while leaving some oak
trees stand to provide acorns for deer.

This is especially important in the north where deep snows can
make food plots and other forage impossible for deer to eat. They
must have some other source of nutrition available to them.

Your job is to find out what these sources are and maximize their
production to hold deer on your property year round.

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