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  1. Trophy Nation Gallery
    Check out the cool pics submitted by the Trophy Nation, and upload some of your own while you're at it. Everybody loves to see pictures of whitetails, on the hoof, and on the wall. Thanks to all our members who have submitted their images . . . more

  2. Trophy Nation Trail Cam Pics
    Trail cameras are a great tool that allow you to see deer any time, day or night, with minimal disturbance. Check out some cool trail cam images here. We have slideshows and thumbnails for you to browse. Members of the Trophy Nation can even upload their own trail cam pics . . . more

  3. Dick's Trophies
    Dick Blauser is known as Pennsylvania's Archery Deer Master, but around here, we call him the Commander-in-Chief of Trophy Nation. Nobody has been more successful at quality deer management, or harvesting mature whitetails in the Keystone State with the bow, or any other weapon . . . more

  4. Monster Whitetail Deer Hunting From Double Bull Ground Blind
    Hunting The Ground Pounding Crew known for their bowhunts, antics, and off-the-cuff deliveries is proud to introduce Another Yr on the Ground VI.
    . . .

  5. DOWNLOAD: Deer Harvest Data Form
    Accurate records are one of the wildlife manager's most valuable assets. It is impossible to determine the present condition of your deer herd, or evaluate the effectiveness of your management program without precise records. This Deer Harvest Data Form makes it easy to systematically collect vital information . . . more

  6. BIG 8pt Buck Down!!! 156 B&C
    I saw this buck briefly 2 years ago. Back then he was a 10pt and I thought he was 4yrs old. Today I was sitting in the same box blind overlooking an oat patch and a road. The buck showed up, I decided to . . . more

  7. Part 1: What Deer Management is all About-The Blausers of Butler County PA
    Bob Clark
    This is part 1 in a series of articles about the successful QDM program of the Blauser family. Their program has shown 'exceptional' results . . . more

  8. Justin Bone's 166-inch Bruiser
    Watch Justin Bone take this 166-inch bruiser in South Texas and listen to him describe the hunt. This is one big, old buck that you have to see

    . . .

  9. Monster Illinois Buck
    On the last morning of this year's Campbell Outdoor Challenge, Team Diamond XT had an amazing encounter with this Illinos brute. For more info on hunting giant bucks like these check out
    . . .

  10. VIDEO SERIES: Archery Equipment Beginners Guide Part 15
    Binoculars can help you see your target better during target practice. Learn about how to use binoculars when shooting your bow and arrows in this free archery equipment lesson. . . . more

  11. Young Buck Rubbing a Tree
    This small buck was filmed while Jim Boberg (hunter) and Brian Bychowski (cameraman) were hunting at Campbell's Illinois Whitetails in 2006. Not a bruiser, but cool to see him work this little tree over. The guys had a Wick Stik Scent System staked in the ground about 8 feet from this buck . . . more

  12. VIDEO SERIES: Archery Equipment Beginners Guide Part 14
    Jaw and back tension releases are just some of the mechanical releases used in archery. Learn about using arrow release mechanisms for accurately shooting your bow and arrow in this archery equipment lesson on video . . . more

  13. 150" Buck Harvest
    An exciting hunt in Southern Illinois results in Jim Broberg harvesting one of the largest whitetails of his life. Check it out!

    . . .

  14. Dave Picks Up His 2008 Back Yard Buck
    David Barrett
    Ride along with me to the taxidermist as I pick up my new mount. This is the buck I shot right in my "back yard" during the 2008 PA rifle season. It's not a monster, but it's a very respectable PA 10 point . . . more

  15. Lone Wolf Assassin
    The new Assassin from Lone Wolf provides the ultimate in portability for those hunters who require stealth and reliability in tight quarters. These stands are lightweight and virtually silent while hunting . . . more

  16. VIDEO SERIES: Archery Equipment Beginners Guide Part 13
    Use an arrow cut off saw for cutting your aluminum and carbon arrows. Learn more in this free archery equipment lesson on video. . . . more

  17. Hard Work Pays off Big for Anthony Chiappini
    Ralph Scherder
    In 2004, Anthony Chiappini harvested a buck that scored 165 5/8 inches. Taking this Boone & Crockett buck was no fluke. "I hunt pretty much everything," Anthony says. "I've harvested a buck every year since I was fourteen. In 1999 I got a black bear in Butler County. I also enjoy small game hunting, but deer season is when I usually take my vacation from work . . . more

  18. DOWNLOAD: Deer Observation Data Form
    One of the best ways to ensure that your records are meaningful is to use standardized forms for recording data. This is the best way to guarantee that you are getting exactly what you want, no matter who is collecting the data. This Deer Observation Data Form makes it easy to systematically collect vital information . . . more

  19. 2007 Archery Challenge - Buck Highlights
    A collection of highlights from the 2007 Campbell Outdoor Challenge Archery Challenge including a lot of awesome Illinois bucks. This is some great hunting footage. Part 1 of 2
    . . .

  20. Beyond The Kill DVD Clip
    Another preview from Beyond The Kill by White Knuckle Productions

    . . .

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