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Home | Trophy Buck Stories Archives

Trophy Buck Stories Archives

Displaying Matches 1 thru 40 of 40 Found.  

•  For the Record -- John Newburn

•  For the Record -- Ettas Kramer

•  For the Record: Cody Stark

•  Sharing the Thrill

•  For the Record: Dan Baird

•  For the Record -- Ernie Chiappini

•  For the Record: Brian McGlone

•  For the Record: John McGlone

•  For the Record -- H. 'Bumper' Bauer

•  For the Record -- Richard Blauser

•  For the Record -- Jim Gregory

•  Kathleen's Buck

•  Anthony Infante's Hunting Stories

•  For the Record -- Dale Pinto

•  Twists of Fate

•  For the Record: Tim Cherok and Jason Kindzia

•  Ohio Has New Record Nontypical Whitetail

•  Dad's 'Prize'

•  For the Record: Brad Blakeman

•  For the Record: Tom Fitz

•  For the Record: Rick Dornon

•  For the Record: Matt Gayheart

•  For the Record: Scott Abbott

•  For the Record -- Joe Kauffman

•  For the Record: Matt Lecon

•  For the Record: Brent Gray

•  For the Record: Tim Cherok

•  For the Record: Marcia Maslonek

•  For the Record: Jody Downing

•  For the Record: Jocilyn Depetro

•  For the Record: Jim La Rocco

•  For the Record: Greg Simpson

•  For the Record: Jerrod Marteney

•  For the Record: Two Ralphs, Two Bucks

•  For the Record: Wally Carr

•  For the Record: Randy Delawder

•  For the Record: Charlie Zirkle

•  Stephen Elliott Downs a 184' B&C Ohio Monster

•  Bernard Gioia Scores on a Giant Suburban Buck

•  Hard Work Pays off Big for Anthony Chiappini

Displaying Matches 1 thru 40 of 40 Found